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Adnan Cuharaxxxx

ADNAN ĆUHARA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

He was born in Sarajevo in 1974. Completed his studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo and received the title of bachelor of marketing studies. He is currently running the production studio Prime Time doo in Sarajevo, whose is co-founder. Studio was founded in 2003 and the main focus is on creating animated, feature and documentary films. In addition, the company is entering into the world of video games. Some of the most important documentary film projects are "The Searcher", "The Whore From the Lake", "Scream for Me Sarajevo", the documentary by Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden. Regarding the short films, the most significant are: ‘’Behar’’, directed by Tarik Hodzic and ‘’Azhdaja’’ by Ivan Ramadan.

Until this moment the biggest project of Prime Time and Adnan Cuhare's productions is the first Bosnia-Herzegovinian feature film "Birds Like Us" directed by Faruk Šabanović and co-directed by Amela Ćuhara. Adnan is currently involved in the projects about video gaming industry, TV-production and, of course, projects of new feature animated films and animated serials.

Irena Jukic Pranjicxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


She was born in 1973 in Bjelovar. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Since 1997 she has published comics in numerous printed editions and sites in the country and abroad. In several magazines published comic books.

She has published four self-titled collections of short comics of the common name Protutotrov, as well as a novel Emission of the Emotions. Edited the anthology of THE WOMAN COMIC BOOKS IN THE BALKAN (Fiber, 2010) and all 50 episodes of the documentary television series Comics in Croatia (HRT3, 2014/17). She illustrated numerous textbooks, magazines and picture books. She has been working on animated film since 2004, first through her work with students, and since 2011 through the implementation of short animated films. She is employed in elementary school as a fine art teacher and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. For her work in comics, illustrations, methodic and animation, has been rewarded many times.

Miroslav Lj Jelic foto1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Animator and director of animated film. He was born in 1955. Studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Belgrade. He works on animated film from 1981, on TV Belgrade, in the Danube film, FRZ Belgrade and Bikic studio. He is the author of numerous animated TV spots and 12 animated films. Miroslav is main animator and supervisor of several feature animated series. Won the awards of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, two Great Gold Medals from Belgrade, Crystal Prism of the Academy of Film Arts and Science, as well as the Golden Knight Festival in Moscow and Bronze Knight Festival in Omsk. He is a member of the Association of Film Artists of Serbia and the International Association of Animators - ASIFA.

1987. One day in the life of a hammer thrower
1992. Jesus Christ for the second time among the Serbs
1993. From our regular correspondent Flags on the towers / FLAGS ON THE TOWERS / Bikić studio
1994. Minute until 12 That shining object of desire
1995. 100 years of one century
1997. Pinkulusi SIC TRANSIT GLORIA ...
2011. Pencil, boy and dream
2016. Once in the Danube


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