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October 26| Thursday  | 22.00



In a world tormented by the horror, the citizens of Birdabad accept the egg-eating tyranny of Kondor and his carrion eating crew as the price of safety. In an exuberant daily ritual they unthinkingly trade their eggs for fruit. Every day they gather in a ritual about Eggualibarim mechanism which is taken care of by a quite owl Hasan, and without too much thinking they exchange their eggs for fruit. Huppu, a beautiful and reckless young bird, is determined to save her unlaid egg from this terrible fate and with the help of her husband Hassan and a magical seed, she opposes Kondor and disrupts the system. In the wild chase that follows Huppu, Hassan, Kondor and a tiny busy-body chick called Mi, find themselves flung out of Birdabad into the jaws of the horror and have to travel to the top of a volcano, down the slippery slope of a glacier or across the wide empty sea. Frightened, confused and full of interpersonal hate this odd crew makes an alliance with an unusual guide that promises to take them home if they help him reach the Sun.


Production: Bosna i Hercegovina / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2017.
Duration: 82′20″
Format: DCP, boja/color
Directed by: Faruk Šabanović, Amela Ćuhara
Script: Olivia Hetreed, Faruk Šabanović
Producer: Adnan Ćuhara, Amela Ćuhara, Abigail Disney, Sherine Helmy, Olivia Hetreed, Cat Villiers
Animation: Nedim Čubro, Rustem Leto, Anaid Mekić, Dejan Njeguš, Emir Durmišević, Edin Durmišević, Zdravko Cvjetković, Dijana Mušović, Jasna Bukvić, Sabina Pezo, Velid Agović, Sabina Čimić, Alen Burazerović, Biljana Haljevac, Dženan Spahić, Amir Hadžić, Irfan Malagić, Adela Čorbo, Amela Dedić, Ena Knežević, Arman Mušović, Armin Halać, Admir Alić, Muninel Heran Sijarić
Editing: Nic Gester
Music: Timothy Bruzen, Peter Gabriel
Techniques: 3D/3D computer


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